Professor’s Wikipedia assignment draws criticism from site’s editors

The number of Wikipedia editors has plummeted since 2007.

Wikipedia editors have raised concerns about a University of Toronto psychology professor after he assigned 1,900 students to add content to the free online encyclopedia.

Volunteer editors for the Wikipedia – which has been criticized by educators as an unreliable source for research – took issue with the massive influx of students from Steve Joordens’ introductory psychology course who took to the popular site for a volunteer assignment to add content to Wikipedia pages related to the class’s various topics.

Wikipedia volunteer editors complained that the students were not properly editing the site’s pages using the necessary citations for each tidbit of information added to an entry.…Read More

Universities to pay fees for eMailing links while faculty inboxes are monitored

One critic called the latest copyright agreement 'inexplicable.'

Sending hyperlinks via eMail could prove a pricey proposition for two Canadian universities after officials agreed to a controversial copyright policy that could also leave professors’ electronic messages open to surveillance.

The University of Western Ontario (UWO) and the University of Toronto (UT) announced in late January that they had come to terms with Access Copyright, a company that has collected fees stemming from faculty members photocopying copyrighted materials and distributes royalties to publishers and content creators.

The schools’ new agreement with Access Copyright would require an annual $27.50 per-student fee for the right to eMail hyperlinks that connect students and educators to copyrighted material – a concession that has drawn ire from at least one UT faculty member.…Read More