Schools snap up porn domains to keep them clean

Colleges pay about $200 for internet domain names.

The world is getting closer to the launching of a new internet address system for pornography providers, and there are some eye-opening names being registered. Among them: and

Don’t, however, expect to find naked co-eds at either of these sites.

In what amounts to a defensive maneuver, schools across the nation are snapping up the .xxx domain names that match their federally registered trademarks. It’s simply a matter of trying to keep them out of the wrong hands.…Read More

College students taking their smart phones, tablets, to charging stations

Auburn students pay $5 to use the charging station.

Students at four universities can avoid a modern-day campus nightmare: The last of your smart phone’s battery power runs out on the way to the lecture hall.

Towson University near Baltimore, the University of Miami (UM), Auburn University, and the University of Alaska (UA) have unveiled mobile-device charging kiosks that can refuel a host of smart phones and computer tablets that students rely on for in-class interaction, note taking, and web searching.

The kiosks, made by Baltimore-based NV3 Technologies and sold for $6,500 apiece, charge up to a dozen mobile devices at once, from Apple iPhones to Blackberries and a range of tablets like the iPad.…Read More

Colleges struggle with students’ data demand

Video streaming and downloading consume 70 percent of bandwidth on some campuses.

University of Missouri students arrived on campus this fall with a slew of new electronic toys and immediately wrought havoc with the school’s wireless network.

Early on, too many gadgets were vying for attention, leaving some students unable to connect. There was, of course, a lot of virtual hand wringing and outrage from students furious and frustrated over the slow or severed connections.

Still, it was far from a total crash.…Read More

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