5 ways social media can improve student writing

Facebook and Twitter as dens of bad grammar? Social media can actually have positive effects on student writing

social-media-writingIdk if u hav noticed, but the writing seen on the internet and social media is not always the best example of the King’s English. However, habits built through writing on social media don’t all have to be bad—and in many ways, can help improve writing.

Aiming to save character space or time typing, proper grammar and spelling are often jettisoned in favor of commonly used acronyms and incomplete sentences which have become ingrained in the habits of the internet community at large.

However, there are several positive ways that consistent writing on social media can translate to better writing in the classroom. Of course, students would be wise to leave their incomplete sentences on Facebook and their acronyms on Twitter, or just eliminate those practices all together. Still, for a student who uses social media regularly, there are some great benefits that can positively impact their writing.…Read More