Elite women’s college rejects transgender student, prompts outcry

A transgender high school student has had her application to a prestigious all-women’s college denied because she is tagged as legally male on government documents, prompting a vocal online and social media campaign on her behalf, Reuters reports. Calliope Wong, 17, a Connecticut senior who was born a male but has identified as female since adolescence, says Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, twice opted not to read her application and returned it in the mail. Almost all of Wong’s paperwork to Smith, including transcripts and references, identifies her as female. But the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, form from the U.S. Department of Education marks her as male, she told Reuters on Thursday. Smith’s admissions office told her the FAFSA designation makes her ineligible, based on Smith’s policy that applications and supporting papers consistently reflect that the student is a woman…

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