Washington Monthly has a different way of rating colleges

College rankings can get a bit…repetitive. Sure, sometimes Stanford and Yale switch places in the top ten of any given ranking, but it’s basically all the same. Washington Monthly, however, takes a different tack when ranking America’s bastions of higher education, the Huffington Post reports. As they explain: Conventional rankings like those published by U.S. News & World Report are designed to show what colleges can do for you. Since 2005, our rankings have posed a different question: What are colleges doing for the country? Higher education, after all, isn’t just important for undergraduates. We all benefit when colleges produce groundbreaking research that drives economic growth, when they offer students from low-income families the path to a better life, and when they shape the character of future leaders. And we all pay for it, through hundreds of billions of dollars in public subsidies. Everyone has a stake in how that money is spent…

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