Will colleges be ready for big internet change?

World IPv6 Day is June 8.

A Canadian campus has converted to the latest internet protocol, but with just a few weeks until web giants give the new protocol a test run, questions remain about higher education’s readiness for the long-awaited transition.

The global proliferation of numerical addresses for web-capable computers and phones has led to a shortage of IP addresses in the current IPv4 platform. The next generation of IP address – known as IPv6 – will offer exponentially more addresses, IT experts said.

Time to convert might be running short.…Read More

Colleges could profit as internet runs out of addresses

Technology experts have been preparing for the depletion of IPv4 addresses since the 1990s.

The internet is running out of numerical addresses – known as IP addresses – and that might not be so bad for colleges and universities prepared for the transition to the next web protocol, as campuses could sell their current IP addresses and help fill budget shortfalls prevalent in higher education.

The spread of internet use in Asia and the proliferation of internet-connected phones worldwide are causing the internet to run out of numerical addresses, which act as “phone numbers” to ensure that surfers reach websites and eMails find their destination.

The top-level authority that governs such addresses will distribute the last batches on Feb. 3, two people with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press.…Read More

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