Colleges join internet goliaths in long-awaited protocol change

Colleges are expected to use IPv4 for another decade.

June 6 was perhaps the most important day in the history of the commercial internet, and hardly anyone noticed.

Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and a host of the web’s most visited sites made the switch to the Internet Protocol Version 6 that day—known as World IPv6 Day—marking a momentous shift from the old protocol, IPv4, after it ran out of web addresses last year.

Colleges and universities have followed suit as well, turning to IPv6 after years of preparation on the part of campus technology leaders and their IT staffers, and so far, everything has gone smoothly.…Read More

Schools get help with big internet protocol change

IPv6 is still not prevalent in education.

A trove of advice, tips, and hints for switching to the internet’s newest protocol, known as IPv6, is available for schools and colleges that haven’t completed the network alterations and hardware upgrades necessary to convert to IPv6 before the internet runs out of web addresses.

The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), along with the Internet Society, introduced a website last week for schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and government agencies in the process of switching from IPv4 to IPV6. The site, called Deploy360, has case studies, best practices, and a host of technical papers designed to help IT officials convert to IPv6.

Every IPv4 address has been distributed with the proliferation of web-enabled mobile devices like smart phones and computer tablets. There is no official date for the conversion to IPv6 for web users, but technologists have said time may be running short.…Read More