What everybody should know about Google’s new initiative

After analyzing its own gender problem, Google launches code initiative to expose young girls to coding

coding-Google-girlsUsually when someone visualizes coding, they think of a male doing it — a la the movie “Social Network.” Rarely does a woman’s face pop up in one’s imagination when thinking of a computer scientist.

When Google recently looked at their company’s composition and realized that women only accounted for 17 percent of its tech employees, they wondered why. After much research, Google then decided to create an initiative called “Made with Code” to attempt to balance the gender scale.

With less than one percent of female high school students interested in computer science, Google researchers found that exposure at a young age is key to sparking an interest in the subject. Made with Code was created to teach young girls that no matter what their passion or dream career is, knowing how to code can be beneficial. Here are five takeaways from Google’s newest campaign.…Read More

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