10 ed-tech books for summer reading

There’s no better time to get caught up on industry and education than during summer vacation

summer-reading-tech Summer vacation, while also the perfect time to pretend you’re not enjoying your niece’s copy of Twilight with a mojito in-hand, is also the best time to catch up on fascinating books that can help broaden your perspective on issues in the field of technology, education and educational technology.

And while it’s always satisfying to read dense epics on topics you can brag to your peers about, these books are not chocked full of thick technical jargon, but rather, innovative and well-researched thoughts on influencing trends and disruptions, written in ways to promote discussion.

From how open data is changing policy to how Millennials are turning Boomer culture on its head, and from a collection of recent developments in Flipped Learning best practices to the philosophy behind free education, these recently published (most are within the last year) books offer a range of topics that should hit a cord not just with invested educators, but anyone interested in learning more about how the cornerstones of our society are in flux.…Read More

5 fresh ed-tech startups for summer

These ed-tech startups are making a splash with services ranging from language learning to college navigation for veterans

startups-edtech-newEducational technology startup companies are booming. During the first quarter of 2014, they raised more than $500 million — the highest number in capital in one quarter for this sector in the past five years.

Through the use of powerful technology, successful ed-tech startups are changing education in a variety of ways. Just think of the MOOC startup Coursera, which in its first two years had over 5 million users and more than 100 partner institutions.

The following five startups are increasing in popularity as they acquire more users and build powerful partnerships. You should keep them on your radar.…Read More

Ed-tech highlights from the ASU-GSV Summit

MOOCs fade to the background, and talk of an ed-tech bubble emerges at the ed-tech summit

summit-ASU-edtechCouldn’t make it to the ASU-GSV Education Innovation Summit this week? Hey, neither could we — but we’ve still got you covered.

Now in its fifth year, the summit brings together some of the biggest names in educational technology. Here are some of the highlights that came out of Scottsdale last week.

Where are the MOOCs?
This year, just one panel specifically focused on massive open online courses (MOOCs), a topic that had been of great interest at the event in recent years.…Read More

10 new, free ed-tech MOOCs for March

These March MOOCs cater to faculty, IT admin, and your STEM students

MOOC-March-freeWith all the MOOCs available today, including the number of platforms and higher-ed institutions offering courses, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate the most credible—and most interesting—MOOCs that can cater to your institution.

In the interest of saving you time, the editors of eCampus News have aggregated 10 new, free (and often generating a lot of buzz) MOOCs that apply to not only students interested in topics such as digital imaging and robotics, but to IT staff looking to integrate the best mobile apps for campus, and faculty looking to develop their online teaching skills.

For example, this list includes MOOCs, all available in March, that range from “Google Ninja,” which helps attendees become masters of all Google programs, to “Teaching Online,” which discusses the challenge of designing and facilitating online courses with a diverse student population. Look for other courses on Computer Science 101, Gamification Design, and much more.…Read More