Five colleges where students study

A story in today’s Post talks about a generational decline in study time, the number of weekly hours college students devote to actual study, the Washington Post reports. Since the 1960s, the weekly total has dipped from 24 to about 15. College has become, in effect, a part-time job. Students say they are more efficient than before, and adults say they are busier – – distracted by work, dependent care and long commutes. Researchers who track study time say those things account for only part of the decline. Even at the nation’s most selective schools, where few such distractions exist, the average student logs only about 18 hours in weekly study. Here are five schools – – not all elite, and not all private – – where students spent 18 hours or more in weekly study. That means the schools, two of which are in Virginia, are probably among the top 10 percent of colleges nationally in weekly study time, as measured by the National Survey of Student Engagement, the source of the study-time data…

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Can online flashcards help students ‘Crush That Test’?

CrushThatTest has attracted more than 2,000 members since 2007.
CrushThatTest has attracted more than 2,000 members since 2007.

Sundar Nathan was a college student prepping for an exam, cramming hundreds of pieces of information into his overfilled memory bank when he resorted to flashcards—a strategy he’s evangelized for ever since.

Nathan and a group of University of Texas graduates created the site CrushThatTest in 2007, giving college students more than 1,000 free digital flashcards as a supplement to their course textbooks in nine subjects, ranging from U.S. history to psychology.

Students can access CrushThatTest on their desktops and laptops, or pay $1.99 to use the web-based flashcards on their iPhone. Students can use their iPhones to scroll through chapters and see how many flashcards are available in each chapter.…Read More