Blended learning gets the Khan Academy treatment

New resource provides guidance on delivering blended learning

blended-learning-khanIn a somewhat ironic twist, blended learning has been lacking in a resource it aims to help promote: video resources. However, thanks to a new partnership between a blended learning powerhouse and a video resource giant, blended learning is being delivered to educators in an ideal fashion.

Blended learning, recently one of the most popular methods in education, is more than just a superficial trend. According to Gallup’s recently released “State of America’s Schools” report, blended learning holds incredible potential for increased student outcomes as well as increased capacity for student and teacher engagement—a major driver of achievement, says the report.

However, “as new technologies and online learning continue to grow in popularity, implementation and training for teachers and administrators have unfortunately remained a stumbling block—until now,” said the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Learning in a statement.…Read More