Obama Administration: These job-training programs are the most effective

White House lists the postsecondary skills training programs that are the best in the U.S.

dataThere’s a growing trend, as the economy still lingers in recovery and traditional four-year tuition remains barely affordable, of students and parents coming to understand that if you want relatively stable paying job after postsecondary education, skills training is a great bet. But what programs are currently the most successful?

According to Vice President Joe Biden, after several meetings with business leaders, community college presidents, governors and mayors, and “most importantly, hard-working Americans who were hit hard by the Great Recession, but who are doing everything they can to learn new skills to find a decent, good-paying middle-class job,” the Vice President noted that there was a clear consensus: “We must rethink how we train today’s workers so that our programs are job-driven, teaching real skills that employers need.”

Biden also noted that businesses are clamoring for highly-trained workers for highly-specialized work, since many of these jobs are currently going unfulfilled.…Read More