hyper-personalization can help higher ed modernize

Why hyper-personalization is critical for higher ed

The higher-ed model needs modernization, and hyper-personalization provides a clear roadmap

We live in a hyper-personalized, Netflix, Uber, and Door Dash everything world – a universe of Amazon like same-day everything. 

All businesses—and especially colleges and universities—must leverage hyper-personalization to remain competitive, to grow, and to deliver on their mission within their communities.

Blunt speak: Those who choose to reject hyper-personalization are making poor decisions on behalf of their institution, learners, their neighbors, and the employers they serve.

Our realities: Understanding recent trends

Traditional degree enrollment has been falling since 2011. Recently, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reported that Fall 2021 saw the largest two-year enrollment decline in 50 years—with nearly 1 million fewer students than there were in Fall 2019.

No institution is immune. Since 2016, 71 colleges have closed or merged, including for-profits, publics, and privates alike.

What’s more, the people who are enrolling in postsecondary programs aren’t finishing. More than 40 percent of students won’t finish their degree. And they have the student loans to prove it.

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