Student creating app for safe walking and texting

Researchers tested college students’ collision avoidance techniques.

There soon could be a smartphone app designed to prevent the text-induced face plant.

Juan-David Hincapié-Ramos, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Manitoba’s human-computer interaction lab, is developing a smartphone app called CrashAlert, which uses a camera that senses depth and identifies oncoming objects — lampposts, for example — before a person runs into them.

The smartphone technology could be valuable — and a great way to avoid embarrassment — for college students with their heads down, reading and sending texts, as they make their way to their next class.…Read More

Professor to students: Text away

Student's text message questions are screened before they're posted to a large screen.
Students' text-message questions are screened before they're posted for peers to read.

Georgia State University students who don’t want to yell their questions from the back of a cavernous lecture hall now have another option: They can send text messages to their professor, who reads the queries from an overhead screen.

David McDonald, director of emerging technologies and an associate professor in the Atlanta-based university’s business school, is inviting the use of text messaging during class while many educators are instituting strict rules against the practice.

The texting program—similar to handheld student response systems—is being used in about 15 Georgia State business courses this school year.…Read More