Crunch the Numbers: Supporting Faculty Mental Health; Generative AI and Curricula; Top 20 Graduate Centers

Supporting students’ mental health and well-being has practically become a job expectation for higher education faculty and staff. Yet, educators on the front lines of the campus mental health crisis do not always feel that they have the support they personally need.

According to a national survey by TimelyCare, three out of four faculty and staff said more mental health support would improve job satisfaction. More than half (53%) have considered leaving their job because of burnout, increased workload and stress, underscoring continuing concerns about employee retention in the aftermath of the pandemic. The survey included more than 500 faculty and staff members at public and private four-year and two-year higher education institutions. “The weight of faculty and staff burnout and stress threatens the foundation of higher education. When faculty and staff are struggling, it’s hard for them to support students to their fullest potential,” said Dr. Bob Booth, Chief Care Officer of TimelyCare. “To build a resilient generation of future leaders, we must ensure that all campus employees receive the support they need and deserve.”

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Graduate students explain why they picked their schools

Graduate school students have myriad reasons for choosing their higher education paths. Here, in their own words, five current students tell U.S. News why they chose to attend their particular graduate schools to pursue their interests:

Why I Picked University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Meagan Elyse Hanna, third-year J.D. candidate: As I was researching law schools, I became overwhelmed when they all started to look the same. Then I visited the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. I was welcomed into the UDM Law family from the moment I walked in the door. The close-knit community of students, faculty, and administrators provides a learning environment I found unparalleled in support and encouragement. Add to that UDM’s commitment to making its graduates “practice ready” through its clinics, law firm program courses, and writing across the curriculum, and I was sold. Thanks to UDM, I’ll graduate this year with the confidence I need to compete in the legal job market…

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