How to integrate STEM into writing courses

Our students are already there!

I’ve been teaching writing as a part-time adjunct at a community college for about eight years. I came to the post after a 20-year career in high technology—mostly in software businesses, particularly Internet start-up companies during the great expansion in the 1990s. I also did a brief stint as an editor in a British publishing company focusing on medical and scientific textbooks.

I had taught tech writing on and off as I got my master’s in business management; communication skills were key in advancing my career. I suppose I’m a testament to the value of a blended education in humanities and professional development, and I was lucky enough to enter a market that urgently needed communication skills to win customers and grow revenues.

As I work with my students and read various case studies about transformative writing pedagogy, it’s quite clear that we need to evolve how we teach writing at the community college level—to accommodate academic goals, the middle-skills employment landscape and the digital ecology. We need a new approach because, as a country, as a people, as a world community, we have entered a different era! With the wide adoption of digital information and convenient computational power to analyze, manipulate, and synthesize this information, our students have a profoundly different relationship with information and its uses.…Read More