These are the best schools…say actual students

New grad school ranking list uses data from students who actually attended those schools

schools-grad-rankingOne of the most popular trends in higher education, it seems, is to rank college, universities, and graduate schools in ways that are more meaningful not just to prospective students and parents, but to the institutions themselves.

Recently, rankings have included everything from comparing institutions based on their social media standings, on their graduation rate, and on their ability to provide career success.

Now, a new ranking system from Graduate Programs has released the second ever Graduate School Rankings. It’s a comprehensive list of the best graduate programs in the country, based solely on ratings and reviews posted on…Read More

The best and worst colleges for career success

New ranking system measures colleges and universities on their return-on-investment (ROI)

ranking-colleges-career In today’s economy, nothing seems more important to incoming students than whether or not their college or university will help them land a career after graduation…and for good reason.

As part of a recent proliferation of new ranking measurements outside of U.S. News & World ReportTIME’s social media ranking, and eCollegeFinder’s rankings based on graduation rate—a new ranking by Educate to Career lists colleges and universities by which do the best job of improving the earning and attainment of “quality employment” by their students.

“The Index empirically determines the economic value added by each of the over 1200 colleges ranked within our system,” said Michael Havis, founder of Educate To Career, in a statement. “We calculate the improvement in earnings and employability of persons who attended specific colleges, relative to persons who are similarly situated in other colleges.”…Read More