College boards turn to business-style approaches

Sullivan said: "Corporate-style, top-down leadership does not work in a great university."

A popular University of Virginia president is forced to resign because board members thought she wasn’t working quickly enough to address diminished funding and other challenges. Purdue University hires as its new president a governor who lacks academic experience but is adept at raising money and cutting education spending.

And the president of the University of Texas enlists a committee of high-profile corporate executives to examine the school’s budget and operations.

The governing boards of colleges and universities are increasingly demanding that their presidents perform more like corporate chief executives, much to the chagrin of academics who say treating colleges as businesses doesn’t fit the mission of higher education.…Read More

Professor’s Facebook comments about Muslims brings campus outcry, lawsuit

A national free-speech organization critcized PUC's response to faculty complaints.

A Purdue University Calumet (PUC) professor who was reprimanded for a series of Facebook comments critical of Muslims, drawing harsh criticism from students and faculty members, has filed a free-speech lawsuit against the university.

Maurice Eisenstein, an associate professor of political science at PUC, posted a picture of Facebook last November of “Christians killed by a radical Muslim group.” Eisenstein criticized “moderate Muslims” for failing to condemn the alleged attack.

He added that Muslims are “still looking at the earth as flat according to the idiot Mohammad [sic], may his name be cursed.” Eisenstein was accused of engaging in a heated exchange with a PUC student on Facebook.…Read More

Campus IT staff to supercomputers: Be cool

Purdue's supercomputer is among the most powerful commercial machines in the world.
Purdue's supercomputer is among the most powerful commercial machines in the world.

In Mike Shuey’s line of work, turning off a computer means losing up to 3 million processing hours—a few weeks of work, gone in an instant.

Until Shuey and his team of supercomputing experts at Purdue University found a way to cool down the massive machines when they overheated during the blazing summer months, there were only two options: “You turn on a few fans and hope for the best, or you turn off [the supercomputers] and wait until the temperature stabilizes,” he said.

Shutting down the machines would save the university’s expensive computers—but it could cost researchers weeks or months of work.…Read More

Educator takes tech prowess from business to the Ivy Tower

Christopher will launch a 3-D imaging processing course in the fall 2011 semester.
Christopher will launch a 3-D imaging processing course in the fall 2011 semester.

After a private-sector career capped off with induction in the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, Lauren Christopher is working with college students and developing what she sees as the future of television: 3-D displays that don’t require glasses.

Officials announced May 20 that Christopher, an associate professor at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis since 2008, would join technology trailblazers such as Apple CEO Steve Jobs and famed television pioneer Vladimir Zworykin in the CE Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame ceremony will be held at the Consumer Electronics Association’s Industry Forum Oct. 17-20 in San Francisco.…Read More