New York University expansion causes controversy

Matthew Broderick is a star, but at a recent public hearing, he was simply a Greenwich Village neighbor upset with New York University, the Huffington Post reports. NYU’s expansion plan, known as NYU 2031, has drawn a lot of controversy in the lower Manhattan neighborhood where the university wants to add four new buildings and a total of about 2 million square feet of development, the Village Voice reports.

“They might need to expand but they certainly don’t need to destroy the Village,” Broderick told reporters at the hearing. “I used to play in the area when I was a child; it was very important to me growing up. I’ve watched so much of it disappear. I think it’s gone too far and it’s really hurting the Village.”

Besides arguing against altering the aesthetics of the historic neighborhood, neighbors also worry about the demolition of familiar businesses and homes, not to mention dealing with two decades of construction which could bring about an increased number of rats……Read More