Judge rejects Lehigh U student’s grade lawsuit

A judge in eastern Pennsylvania ruled Thursday against a former Lehigh University graduate student who sued to have a grade of C-plus changed to a B and was seeking $1.3 million in damages, the Associated Press reports. Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano made the ruling in the lawsuit filed by Megan Thode, a report by The Express-Times of Easton (http://bit.ly/VXlYj2) said. Thode was seeking damages over the C-plus grade in a 2009 graduate-level therapist internship course she alleged was retaliation because she supports gay marriage. She said the grade is preventing her from becoming a licensed therapist. An expert estimated Thode would suffer $1.3 million in damages in earnings she would never make as a result over the course of her career. Lehigh University lawyer Neil Hamburg argued that professors, not judges or juries, possess the expertise required to make academic decisions. “The grades are what the academics in the academic institutions say they are,” Hamburg said…

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