Have you taken the Kahoot Challenge?

I love to Kahoot, my students love to Kahoot, and I hope after this posting you’ll love to Kahoot, too!

Many of you are probably already on the Kahoot bandwagon—it’s an online testing site that allows faculty to create quizzes (or use existing quizzes) and students take those quizzes using their phones, tablets, or laptops. Kahoot is great test prep or ice breaker or just a way for students to review content. It’s very fun and engaging and students from 7-70 (literally) seem to enjoy it. As a teacher, I can download the data from Kahoot and put it in my grade book or just use it to see where we’re at (aka have they done the reading?).

Take it up a notch
Kahoot Challenge is a whole new ballgame. I can assign it for homework or have it due before class, and guess what? They do the reading! It’s fairly simple:…Read More