A keen-sighted CIO’s inter-view on Glass

Open-eyed and thoughtful views on Glass’ realistic usability in higher education

google-glass-interview“OK Glass,” take a picture. It’s most likely the first thing a Google Glass Explorer will try, as I did.

Now, entering my third month, in the beta Google Glass Explorer program, I saw a need to refocus my exploring, no pun intended, on requesting an open and frank “Glass” interview with the CIO-Chief Information Officer, Paige Francis, at Fairfield University.

By accepting the invitation, Paige has already broken through many proverbial “glass ceilings,” as the first woman, Jesuit University CIO, Google Glass interviewee, represented in a Google Plus Glass community. Paige is now visible on the Google Plus Community, actively engaging in technology dialogue, via Google Glass.…Read More

Google Glass given to college students to explore filmmaking

Students will use Glass for documentary filmmaking, character development, and location-based storytelling.

Beauty is in the eye of the Google Glass wearer.

At least that’s what the internet search giant hopes a handful of young filmmakers will discover. Google is enlisting film students from five colleges to help it explore how its wearable computing device can be used to make movies.

The $1,500 Google Glass headset is already being used by 10,000 so-called explorers. The device resembles a pair of glasses and allows users to take pictures, shoot video, search the Internet, compose email and check schedules.…Read More

Top NBA draft pick turns up wearing Google Glass

Thursday saw an annual ritual that dedicated sports lovers cherish beyond most. Yes, a bunch of tipsy New Yorkers mercilessly booed NBA commissioner David Stern while he tried to pretend to know the names of draft picks, CNet reports. This year’s draft was an especially dreary affair. In times gone by, you could rely on my comely Golden State Warriors to draft high and pick someone whose name had never been heard then and hasn’t been heard since. This year, even committed sports fans would have been daunted to remember the name of a single player. Perhaps that’s why Indiana University’s Victor Oladipo decided to elevate his Oladapperness to unseen levels by wearing Google Glass.  SB Nation’s Tom Lorenzo tweeted a picture of Oladipo in all his technological glory. The NBA, too, got in on the act. Or perhaps one should say “in on the ad.” Olapdipo seems very image-aware. You might be stunned into covering your eyes with a tarpaulin when I tell you that he didn’t major in comparative literature but in sports communication broadcast.

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Can you see how Google Glass will disrupt education?

Wearable technology will be challenging to manage if schools aren’t prepared, EdTech Magazine reports.

Google is close to bringing one of its latest projects, Google Glass, to market—which is a pair of eyeglasses connected to the internet. Google hopes to solve a problem that the influx of mobile devices has created: Users are constantly distracted by devices in their pockets. What if the gap between humans and technology could be eliminated? It’s an interesting concept, and one that other companies are sure to explore in the coming years.

What impact will wearable technology like Google Glass have on students? While we’re still a few years away from needing to deal with this issue, educators and IT departments should begin planning a strategy now.…Read More