Antioch College waiving tuition for students enrolling in next 3 years

Four years after Antioch College suspended operations due to financial problems, the private liberal arts institution in southwest Ohio is recharging its system by extending full scholarships to current students and anyone who applies over the next three years, CBS News reports. Based on the value of the current $26,500 yearly tuition, that makes each scholarship worth at least $106,000, according to CBS News. In addition, students who qualify for financial aid may pay less for room and board, which costs around $8,600 per year.

“We don’t want economics to be an impediment to a high-quality liberal arts education,” Antioch President Roosevelt said in announcement on the school’s website Tuesday.” By providing four year, full-tuition scholarships, we make attending Antioch College a realistic option for the best and brightest students, regardless of their family’s economic situation.”

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Free tuition for life? Only if you participate in a Willie Wonka-style contest

Who’s got the golden ticket? Cardiff University is hosting a new contest. The prize? Free tuition for life, which not only means the whole of undergraduate tuition, but also as many masters degrees, Phd degrees and law degrees as your heart desires you to accumulate, the Huffington Post reports. The total value of the scholarship is “at least £50,000” according to the university. That is around $78,000 dollars!!!!!! Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well, good things do not come totally for free. In order to get unlimited tuition, aspiring contest winners have to participate in a Willie Wonka-style battle for supremacy, because why not?

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