UNC expects to save $100K through eBilling

UNC could save $100,000 a year by switching to eBilling.
UNC says it could save $100,000 a year by switching to eBilling.

Paying bills online is nothing new for 20-somethings, but the University of North Carolina’s elimination of traditional snail mail in sending out tuition bills means students will have to grant bill-pay account access to their financial handlers: mom and dad.

The 28,000-student Chapel Hill, N.C., campus announced recently that it would do away with paper bills sent through the mail and switch exclusively to eBills sent to students’ university-issued eMail accounts beginning in July. The switch could save the university $100,000 annually, according to the announcement.

eBilling is an option available at many colleges, but few institutions have gone to an entirely electronic billing system, higher-education experts said.…Read More