How to coach a ‘digital educator’ (Part 1)

Coaching expert explains why support is especially needed for online, digital teachers


Got Technology? Ah, yes, we’re inundated with it. Technology lingers at the hub of almost every sector of our lives, work, and now, education.

Its influx into the education arena has left harried educators pondering the most effective ways to leverage technology to provide powerful, engaging learning experiences. To complicate matters further, those experiences need to include resources and assessments to measure student achievement in real-world, meaningful ways.…Read More

Empty classrooms and online learning

A study conducted by the University System of Georgia found that its buildings are only in use 25 percent of the work week.

The University System of Georgia’s buildings are empty about 75 percent of the work week, a study conducted by the system has found. The findings have already prompted some system building projects to be halted and other universities to consider similar studies on their own campuses.

According to the study, which examined all 31 of Georgia’s public universities, the low use may be because of the way most residential campuses condense the school day to fit between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

As a potential solution, the researchers suggest forgetting about those “peak hours” and spreading the classroom use throughout the day, aiming for the buildings to be used 40 hours per week.…Read More

Howard to launch largest online learning program at historically black university

Howard University will launch Howard University Online (HU-Online) in Fall 2014.

Private historically black colleges and universities have struggled in recent years to make progress when it comes to online education. But one private HBCU is hoping to step up its game, partnering with the learning company Pearson to add 25 new programs to its offerings over the next few years.

Howard University, located in Washington, D.C., will launch Howard University Online in Fall 2014. The initiative will create the largest fully online learning program at any HBCU in the country.

“This is one aspect of a bigger strategy for us to really enhance our instructional environment and our capacity of what we offer overall,” said Wayne A.I. Frederick, Howard’s provost and chief academic officer. “Obviously, the way current students coming from high school and community colleges are learning, this kind of initiative helps us provide the most contemporary and state-of-the-art environment for them.”…Read More