How to coach a ‘digital educator’ (Part 1)

Coaching expert explains why support is especially needed for online, digital teachers


Got Technology? Ah, yes, we’re inundated with it. Technology lingers at the hub of almost every sector of our lives, work, and now, education.

Its influx into the education arena has left harried educators pondering the most effective ways to leverage technology to provide powerful, engaging learning experiences. To complicate matters further, those experiences need to include resources and assessments to measure student achievement in real-world, meaningful ways.

Because without this technological integration and these resources, today’s students risk being unprepared to be productive in the highly competitive, globalized digital workplace.

How Do I Do This?

Educators are fully aware that not integrating technology effectively results in disengaged students who no longer live in a paper-and-pencil world. Educators certainly don’t want their students excluded from these enriched technological advances.

There are educators who embrace state-of-the-art changes, while others remain at a loss as to how to develop authentic learning experiences that leverage technological creativity and innovation. And with so many competing priorities and a complex array of technical choices, how does one go about implementing all this technology successfully?

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