Schools in China say they weren’t behind hacking

Two prominent schools in China are disputing allegations that hacking attacks on Google and other firms originated from them, reports the Associated Press. The New York Times reported Feb. 18 that security investigators traced the hacking to computers at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lanxiang Vocational School in China. The official Xinhua News Agency cited an unnamed university spokesperson on Feb. 20 as saying the allegation against it is baseless, and an official at the vocational school said its investigation found no evidence the attacks originated there. Google revealed Jan. 12 that digital thieves had stolen some of its computer code and tried to break into the accounts of human-rights activists opposed to China’s policies. The sophisticated theft also targeted the computers of more than 30 other companies, according to security experts. The digital assault was serious enough to prompt Google to confront China’s government about censorship rules that weed out politically and culturally sensitive topics from search results in the country. Google says it’s prepared to shut down its China-based search engine and the company and the government are still discussing a possible compromise…

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