New resource aims to fulfill faculty’s higher ed dream, too

Adjunct faculty now have access to services, programs, and community online

adjunct-AFT-facultyThe treatment of contingent faculty in higher education today has not only been called the “corporatization of higher education,” but through increasing exploitation, has also led to a weakening of the university status, the devaluing of education, and the stripping of campus democratic values.

It’s an issue that at its least understood may sound like work gripes, but at its most nuanced understanding could undermine the promise of the American Dream through higher education…not only for faculty, but students as well.

According to data released by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), there are more than 1 million contingent faculty across the country, making up approximately 75 percent of the college teaching workforce. Seven in 10 are part-time, and most lack employer-provided benefits.…Read More

These 10 stats are taking higher ed’s breath away

For the first time, national data reveals the hidden costs of financing U.S. higher education…and it’s horrifying

higher-education-debt They’re the kind of statistics, spanning a decade and across the entire U.S., that as you read them, your jaw takes on additional gravity—dropping lower and lower—as you set your coffee cup down and yell to your coworkers that “you won’t believe this.”

Most of us in education know that there’s a debt problem happening in higher education: student loans are insane, debts can’t be repaid, for-profits are pretty much the scourge of the Earth, and the price of traditional four-year colleges is becoming less and less justifiable in today’s economy.

But these are blanket ideas—worrying but without substantial depth; think of it as knowing that the weather is changing but not actually standing on a melting ice shelf.…Read More