Do you treat your adjunct professors as add-ons?

 [Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the AACC 21st Century Center.]

In the real world, providing the necessary resources for full-time faculty to engage in college-wide assessment work is challenging, at best, and integrating an adjunct faculty cohort of over 1,400 members into this work would seem to make the task downright impossible. But at Rio Salado College in Arizona, that is just what we have done.

Rio’s adjunct faculty are at the heart and soul of our instructional model. We were founded in 1978 as a “college without walls,” whose mission was to reach beyond traditional boundaries to provide increased access to higher education. From the very start, our structure was built on a small core of full-time faculty who provide leadership to a large cadre of adjunct faculty, most of whom are practitioners in their fields. Rather than considering adjuncts as add-ons, the adjunct faculty were, and are, essential to the success of the institution.…Read More

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