9 college presidents on “my proudest achievement”

eCampus News asked higher-ed leaders: What event or accomplishment at your institution are you most proud of? Here are their answers.

“There have been a number of accomplishments at the college that we are all proud of, including increasing our number of graduates over the past two years; opening a campus Food Bank in November 2017 to address the food insecurities of college students; in just our second year, hosting more than 500 high school juniors and seniors for ‘Dabney Day,’ where students participated in career exploration; and partnering with a local organization to offer entrepreneurship training and mentoring for local individuals.”
—John J. Rainone, president, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Virginia

“Once a year, we celebrate our best day of the year, which is graduation. To stand in front of 12,000 individuals who come in to support and share their love of our 2,000 graduates is simply exhilarating.”
—Michael J. Smith, president, Berkeley College, New York and New Jersey…Read More