6 ways schools can offer wallet-friendly three-year degree programs

A three-year bachelor’s degree may help students dodge some of the increasingly burdensome debt associated with higher education–that is, if the programs can get off the ground.

At least 32 institutions offer programs that help students graduate in three years, and more colleges and universities are expected to follow suit. Many of these three-year degree programs have existed for more than 10 years, notes Paul Weinstein Jr., a senior fellow of the Progressive Policy Institute and director of the Graduate Program in Public Management at Johns Hopkins University, in a report detailing the trend toward three-year bachelor’s degrees.

“American college students are facing a triple whammy–out-of-control college costs, record levels of student debt, and declining real earnings for college graduates,” Weinstein contends in the report, yet lawmakers haven’t taken any real action to remedy the issue.…Read More

Opinion: 3-year bachelor’s degrees will benefit college students, middle-class families

College is now a little less expensive for Ohio and Kentucky students, says Tara Dodrill for Yahoo! News. There is a push at colleges and universities around the nation to create a 3-year bachelor’s degree path, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. The cost savings and quicker access to the job market is attracting a lot more students to the early degree offerings. According to the Complete College America statements released in the Enquirer, it commonly takes students 4.7 years to complete a degree. Getting a professional degree in three years will often require taking summer courses and earning advanced placement credits, but it can be done. According to Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro’s Enquirer comments, the shorter degree path will result in less students dropping out before graduation. Middle-class students will most benefit from the college course time reduction. Students who rely on a part-time job and loans to pay for college will have their financial load lightened. A greater focus on coursework and less stress over paying bills while preparing for the future will hopefully generate more time to study and a increased understanding of the material…

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