Digital policy issues, ranging from security to distance education, are entering the spotlight in 2015

digital-policyAs technology continues to change, policy issues slowly come into play to govern them. This year, education technology policy watchers see at least six major policy issues that university administrators should keep an eye on in 2015.

1. Security threats

Students carry more devices on campus that connect to the Internet. At the same time, universities collect more student data records, which opens up opportunities for those records to be compromised.

The policy issue that comes out of these two trends is that universities must figure out how to create guidelines and management procedures that govern this data in a variety of places. And they’re not just having to deal with external threats toward this information.

“In higher ed, one of our biggest security threats is the insider threat, said Mike Abbiatti, executive director of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies vice president for educational technologies.

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