Top higher-ed tech news: November/December 2012

Here are some of the top higher-education technology stories in the November/December issue of eCampus News.

Campus leaders ponder eLearning’s future … colleges re-engineer remedial instruction … civil libertarians question the use of an anonymous online tool to report campus incidents: These are among the top higher-education technology stories in the November/December issue of eCampus News.

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You can browse the full publication here, or click on any of the headlines below to read these highlights:

Experts mull eLearning’s future

Colleges that offer online courses across state lines, after fighting a federal rule they call unnecessary and outdated, now are concerned about states’ regulatory power in deciding how schools should comply with existing regulations…

Colleges re-engineer remedial instruction

With the help of technology, colleges and universities are rethinking their approach to remedial education as part of the push to graduate more students…

Experts: Go all in with Facebook use—or don’t bother

Colleges and universities that don’t have the staffing to update an admissions-based Facebook page consistently shouldn’t be on the site at all, social media experts said…

Online reporting tool draws fire

A “see something, say something” approach to reporting on-campus hazing, bullying, cheating, or suspicious behavior at Virginia colleges has some civil libertarians questioning a technology that higher-education officials insist is necessary to comply with a state law…

Schools try new tactics in battle against binge drinking

An online self-assessment is one of many tactics that colleges and universities are using to combat binge drinking, which remains a serious problem on campuses nationwide…

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