Schools get help with big internet protocol change

Deploy360 will also arrange conferences and industry events centered on IPv6 conversion, although no dates or cities have been posted. Experts from Deploy360 recently gave a tutorial at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Another resource for campus IT officials making the switch to the new web protocol is the IPv6 College, a website offering courses in how to change to IPv6 and what the switch will mean for schools and businesses.

Google’s tracking of IPv6 adoption shows that adoption of the new protocol has been slow to catch on.

Since Google started tracking IPv6 adoption in September 2008, the percentage of web users who had IPv6-capable computers peaked at four-tenths of a percent in December 2011. Two-tenths of a percent of web users were IPv6 capable in early 2009, according to Google’s site.

It’s unclear if colleges and universities are ready for the switch, and a recent survey from Ipswitch Inc. shows that many U.S. networks aren’t completely converted to IPv6.

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