States network to improve community college success

“Each state tends to have its own strategic planning process where they set their own goals that make sense in a local context,” said Lara Couturier, program director for Jobs for the Future. “But [the states] are coming together with a shared goal of accelerating the innovation around student success in the community college.”

Couturier said that the Postsecondary State Policy Network is a facet of the “National Student Completion Movement,” an overhead initiative from Achieving the Dream.

“Jobs for the Future leads the Postsecondary Policy Network, and we do a variety of things like stay on top of the national research, sort through complexities and the [common] contradictions in research,” said Couturier. “We also deliver direct technical assistance to the states, like if they need extra speaker or [help] setting agendas, goals, and planning.”

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States within the network not only share resources and evidence-based support models, but also offer support to one another, and push each other to be better. When states implement creative pathways to improve community college completion rates, the nation as a whole can profit.

“[Although] the focus in states is within the local context, I think that the states that are included in the network are also national example,” said Hatch. “In that way, we can drive and inform national policy.”

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