New software aims to improve course evaluation process

EvaluationKIT recently partnered with Instructure to create integrated course evaluation software.

Course evaluations are one of many standard practices in higher education today. Administrators often find it time-consuming to manage multiple student responses—but new software aims to alleviate this problem.

EvaluationKIT, an enterprise online course evaluation and survey software specifically designed for higher education, has teamed with Instructure to offer a more seamless solution for managing the course evaluation process right from a learning management system. The integrated course evaluation software, dubbed the EvaluationKIT integration for Canvas, is available through Instructure’s Canvas platform.

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The new software is described as a turnkey solution that simplifies the administration of course evaluations, provides features proven to drive survey response rates, and helps to streamline access to and delivery of results. It also features a single-sign-on (SSO) capability so that students can easily access their course evaluations. Software designers said they believe the SSO capability will help increase student response rates.

“At EvaluationKIT, we emphasize integrated approaches to online course evaluations, and we understand the power gained by integrating this key process into the learning platform,” said President Kevin Hoffman. “Canvas has shown remarkable growth in terms of customer adoption, and we are excited to bring our unique solution to the Canvas ecosystem.”

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Faculty members and administrators also can benefit from the software’s SSO capabilities and can view reporting features without having to access multiple log-ins.

“The integration allows for Canvas course, student, and instructor data to be synchronized seamlessly from Canvas into EvaluationKIT, so that evaluations can be managed more effectively by Canvas institutions,” according to the Canvas press release.

“We think technology needs to get out of the way of learning and help save students and educators time,” said Brian Whitmer, Canvas co-founder and chief product officer. “This integration between EvaluationKIT and Canvas will save time and has the potential to improve the communication feedback loop between students and educators.”

Jenzabar’s LMS is another program that offers a course evaluation integration option, called CoursEval by ConnectEDU. The course evaluation software is entirely web-based and has the ability to create, deploy, and analyze longitudinal surveys.

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Similarly, Absorb LMS is eLearning software with several built-in features that appeal to college administrators: an unlimited number of administrators and roles, built-in assessment and survey engine, instant reporting and analysis, and the ability to automate management of all online aspects. Absorb LMS also has a built-in course evaluation tool that is user-friendly for both students and administrators.

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