4 key findings about university innovation

university innovation
Nearly all administrators (91 percent) in a recent survey say innovation is a top strategic or academic priority, but just 40 percent say their institution has a dedicated…

Higher-ed spending gaps do a disservice to minority students

spending gaps
Inequities that negatively impact students of color in the K-12 education system continue into postsecondary education and are detrimental to student success, according to a new analysis.  When…

Why private colleges & universities are forming buying consortiums

buying consortiums
One of the primary issues higher-ed institutions currently face when it comes to attracting and retaining students is the rising cost of education, balanced against the benefit of…

5 ways to help students cultivate a sense of belonging

sense of belonging
Students who report a strong sense of belonging at their college or university typically do better in school, and a new survey points to five key steps schools…

3 ways video assessment fosters community in online courses

While online courses have become a convenient option for students, their growing popularity has also exposed some significant challenges associated with distance learning. One in particular—how to foster…

11 online education trends institutions should track

online education
Career aspirations continue to drive students' decisions to enroll in online education programs, according to a new survey tracking online learning trends. The report from BestColleges.com surveyed 295…

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