Wi-Fi technology future

How a seemingly basic technology is driving the university of the future

Investment in Wi-Fi -enabled technologies has university reaping significant results in recruitment, enrollment and retention.

At Emory & Henry (E&H), technology is not only transforming our campus into one of the most digitally-connected environments, it is also laying the groundwork for education of the future—thanks to Wi-Fi.

With our recent technology initiatives—including triple-digit speed Wi-Fi—we have built a strong foundation for our vision of the campus of the future; including the ability to realize our strategic vision where “blended learning” is a reality, where learning is accessible, personal and affordable to diverse groups of students. This is learning that our students can fully leverage for bigger success pre- and post-graduation.

Why is Blended Learning the Future?

Our 2013-2020 strategic plan set in motion a deep planning and implementation overhaul of our technology to help enhance teaching, learning, research and the overall campus experience. Our vision is to create a blended, digital-in-person experience for students. They will learn wherever and whenever they like. If they need a deeper dive into areas where they need help, they will venture onto campus. And they’ll do all this seamlessly.

We believe this “blended learning experience”—one which combines online and offline—will be the new learning process to engage students.

Online students want more of an in-person experience and in-person students want more of an online experience. We are seeing this trend not only in higher education, but globally. A recent white paper from higher education managed service technology provider Apogee reports that “massive online-only companies like Amazon are venturing into the brick and mortar space through the acquisition of firms like Whole Foods. In time, our consumer experience will be blended–a seamless oscillation between online and in-person.”

One clear takeaway is this: technology is playing an increasingly mission-critical role that will make or break universities as they strive to find better ways to educate future generations and empower their campuses for the future.

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