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Online Learning

3 ways technology can enhance ed experiences

There has been a lot of focus recently on online learning and how it will impact the future of education. As technology takes a more prominent role in the classroom, there…

The MOOC metrics we should be tracking

When Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs - free classes offered by some of the world's best-known colleges and universities) first made news, stories celebrating them as the solution to…

Mission is key to MOOCs, online programs

By now, most colleges and universities know that providing some type of online program—fully online, through MOOCs, or blended learning—is critical to staying current in today’s changing higher ed landscape.…

An educator’s favorite MOOCs

MOOCs are open access online courses that allow limitless participation. Anyone who has an internet connection and a will to learn is welcome. The courses offered through MOOCS are numerous…

INFOGRAPHIC: How an online student chooses your college

It’s not a new fact that the amount of students who either take a blended learning course or enroll in a fully online program are increasing at a rapid rate.…

New edX MOOC portal to empower women

edX, a nonprofit platform affiliated with Harvard and MIT, provides open source software for anyone in the world with an internet connection. The courses are free and many countries have…

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 advantages of online courses

According to a new infographic, created by online course provider SkilledUp, what initially got online learning through the door of mass consumption—convenience and lower cost—is changing. Though those benefits are…

4 reasons why online assessments aren’t there yet

As skills like problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and technological proficiency become more valued in today’s economy and with employers, more students are being asked to create “maker” homework and projects, highlighting…

7 ways humans are critical to online learning

7 ways humans are critical to online learning

Online courses that are credit-bearing hold incredible promise for high school and college students eager for flexible schedules and a cheaper education alternative; but as one study shows, it’s the…

What does higher-ed look like in 2023?

College could be a very different place when freshmen step foot on university campuses in the fall of 2023. For starters, many students will find that step to be entirely…

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