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Online Learning

5 must-haves for online assessments

As K-12 schools and higher education institutions across the country begin to implement online learning, issues of low retention rates and lack of credibility are some of the main reasons…

Has online learning made the lecture hall obsolete?

College by radio was a failure. College by television was a failure. Now, college by internet. Will it be different this time?

That's the question ABC News' John Donvan…

The shocking politics of online learning

Parties both support online learning, just different forms, and for different reasons A Republican governor and a Democratic governor in 1996 teamed up to convince the leaders of 17 states…

How to make an online lab successful

Earlier this month, Excelsior College launched a highly interactive, media-rich Online Writing Lab (OWL) and opened it up for free to the public. If the more than 20 college campuses already…

7 features of a next-gen online learning platform

As massive online learning platforms like Coursera and edX move past their infant years, one university is taking the next step by partnering with innovative companies to produce a custom-built…

‘If you can shop online, you can learn online,’ Bay Path College tells women

Attention, female online shoppers! This probably hasn’t occurred to you as you were shopping for body glitter online with your head in the clouds, Styleite reports. But if you have more…

Meet the man who finished four years of college in one – for free

"The End of the University as We Know It" read the headlines when more massive open online learning platforms started surfacing. But Jonathan Haber didn't buy it, BostInno reports. "We were…

20 essential MOOC courses in business

Remember when you’d spend $1,200 or more to take a course? You’d slip out of work early to spend your nights with the other climbers. Who knows, maybe you hit…

INFOGRAPHIC: Distance education by the numbers

According to a new analysis of the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), the current national conception that distance education is “booming,” is an exaggeration,…

Action Project: MOOCs remain a debated form of college education

Moving from a traditional lecture hall setting to an online digital classroom is a phenomenon that those in higher education are consistently debating, The Daily Cardinal reports. Massive Open Online Courses,…

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