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Online Learning

Student collaboration turns to 3D, avatars

When Cheap Trick first belted out "Are you lonely tonight," it's safe to say the band didn't have distance learning in mind. Yet the line accurately sums up the most…

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 online learning trends to watch in 2015

2014 saw the shift from MOOCs as the major player in online learning to more specified, insular and nuanced online courses that aimed to personalize the online learning experience for…

Number 1: Social media has negative impact on academic performance

Perusing Facebook, sending rapid-fire text messages, and tweeting back and forth with friends and celebrities alike might not be the best academic strategy, it turns out. A new study released by…

New visual map tool helps online schools find students

As online distance education continues to grow, it had become difficult for many institutions to figure out where exactly they could find potential new online students in need of their…

Mission is key to MOOCs, online programs

According to IT leaders and CIOs the one question all institutions must first ask when considering going online is: “Why would we want to do this?”…

Professors learn to teach online at this school

For more than 35 years, Barry Eckhouse has taught at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, but this term he’s taking on a new kind of student--fellow professors. As the college expands…

8 tips for creating video in online learning

Instructor-generated video can increase student satisfaction with, and engagement in, online courses. But there are many variables to a video's success.…

Texas university finalizes major partnership to expand access

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is partnering with Pearson to expand access to an estimated 5,000 under-served students regionally and nationwide through UTEP Connect, a suite of…

How to turn a traditional course into a unique online course

Why creating an online course is not like creating a traditional one, and how one instructional designer is helping faculty develop unique online courses. …

The most affordable online colleges

In a unique college ranking based exclusively on total cost to earn an online bachelor's degree, independent college search and rankings website College Choice has published its first annual ranking…

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