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Online Learning

3 ways technology is democratizing video for course learning

In the last generation, mass media has truly become “mass”. It used to be that information—whether in schools, in the media, or in the professional sphere—was disseminated top-down. A small…

Is there more to a MOOC than its completion rate?

Significant cost return-on-investment, massive social networking momentum, and thousands of downloads of one University’s MOOC have led experts to the conclusion that their MOOC initiative is a home-run success—a success…

3 characteristics of successful next-gen online learning

3 characteristics of successful next-gen online learning

High failure rates. Low retention. Disengaged students. These problems exist at many universities, but more and more institutions and instructors, like us, are leveraging online learning to turn that story…

Why online credits need PSA help

Earning online credits, thanks to for-profit mishaps, has earned notoriety with students eager to chip away at a meaningful degree at their own pace. But according to one popular website,…

Online courses + time on campus = a new path to an MIT master’s

MIT announced on Oct. 7 a pilot program allowing learners worldwide to take a semester’s worth of courses in its one-year Supply Chain Management (SCM) master’s program completely online, then…

Students, celebrities connect for tutoring

Students will have the chance to connect directly with celebrities in one-on-one tutoring sessions through Chegg Tutors: VIP Edition. The program allows high school and college students to apply for one-on-one…

The library of Alexandria goes virtual for online scholarship

Virtual worlds have long played a role in education at all levels as they are used to engage students with different learning preferences and link students to digital resources and…

Online course innovator launches mobile player

Smartphones and tablets have become a day-to-day part of our lives. And the opportunity to learn on-the-go is not only a huge benefit, it’s a requirement. Versal is launching its new…

CalArts launches open online game design

New Coursera course explores game design, preparation to pitch ideas for production. The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is launching a cluster of online courses titled Game Design: Art…

What learners do during MOOCs–and why it matters

As MOOCs continue to cement themselves as an important part of the higher education landscape, new qualitative research is taking a look at the experiences and practices of students who…

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