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Feeling financial squeeze, VCs curtail investments

In what could be the start of a long, dry spell for entrepreneurs on college campuses and elsewhere across the country, venture capitalists are gradually closing their financial spigots as it becomes increasingly difficult to cash out of their previous investments.

National Wi-Fi plan moves one step closer

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officials said the agency’s plans to provide free national broadband internet access will not cause significant interference with phone companies’ networks, but at least one wireless carrier disagrees.

FCC chairman backs use of ‘white space’ spectrum

Companies lobbying the Federal Communications Commission to access unused spectrum known as “white spaces” won a big victory on Oct. 15 when Chairman Kevin Martin threw his weight behind the proposal, citing findings in an FCC report that was issued the same day, CNET reports.

Study: Bandwidth jumps on college campuses

Bandwidth and internet connection speeds on most U.S. college campuses increased significantly from 2006 to 2007, but the largest universities still have huge advantages in accessing high-performance networks, according to a study released this month.

Rethinking research in the Google era

As the internet replaces library databases as students’ primary research option, a new discussion is emerging in academic circles: Is the vast amount of information at students’ fingertips changing the way they gather and process information for the better–or for worse?

iPhones go to the front of the class at Texas university

When almost 1,000 freshman students showed up at Abilene Christian University on Aug. 16, they got something more than the usual medical release forms, parking permits, and Welcome Week T-shirts: They also got their choice of a brand-new Apple iPhone 3G or iPod Touch, plus a package of ACU-written web applications to use on them, Network World reports.

Student lending faces a crisis

As the financial world waits for frozen credit markets to thaw, higher-education officials say college students will face unprecedented scrutiny from private lenders as the United States reels from its sharp economic downturn.

Educators give publishers their wish lists

To engage today’s students and get them to learn, information must be more than just words on a page, educators told publishers at a recent forum: Instead, students need relevant and interactive material, as well as resources and activities that can provide real-life experiences.