More WebOS tablet rumors: cloud storage, ‘Touchstone’ charging, shipping in March?

Looks like the rumor floodgate has finally opened for HP/Palm’s long-awaited WebOS tablet–or tablets, as the case may be. The latest word is that the new slates may ship as early as March with Flash support and tons of cloud-based storage, reports Yahoo News. We’ve been hearing about the tablets, powered by Palm’s WebOS platform, for months now, and execs at HP (which gobbled up Palm last April) have announced that there will be a WebOS press event in San Francisco next month. But we’d heard precious few details about the tablets, rumored or otherwise, until Tuesday, when an Engadget tipster provided purported promo images as well as the scoop that two WebOS slates–a 9-incher code-named “Topaz” and the 7-inch “Opal”–might not ship until September…

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