Virginia Tech violated law in 2007 massacre, federal report concludes

According to Politics Daily, Virginia Tech violated federal law by failing to issue “adequate warnings in a timely manner” during a rampage by a student gunman on campus three years ago, federal investigators have concluded. The school could be fined or lose federal aid over the violations outlined in the final report issued Thursday by the Department of Education.

Thirty-one people were killed in the massacre on April 16, 2007. The gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, took his own life at the scene.
“In all, more than two hours elapsed between the time University officials became aware of the first shootings (and the first murder) and the issuance of the first vague warning,” the report said. Waiting that long to alert students was in violation of the Clery Act, according to officials. Virginia Tech disputed the findings, and spokesman Larry Hincker told the Associated Press the school likely will appeal the decision. University officials have said that a finding that the school broke the law wouldn’t result in criminal charges…

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