The ‘Holy Grail’ of college websites might be here

More Americans will access the internet through a smart phone or tablet than via desktop computer by 2015.

The dream, for many campus technologists, is to design and maintain one school website that translates to every internet browser on every laptop, desktop, smart phone, and tablet on the market. The reality is quite different, with websites created for every conceivable device.

Notre Dame on April 1 joined an exclusive club of colleges and universities that have made a single school site that adapts according to which device it appears on, keeping the website an appropriate size with no need to scroll or zoom in and out to adjust to the differences between am iPhone screen, an iPad screen, or a MacBook screen, for example.

Using a website creation method known as responsive web design (RWD), Notre Dame launched what has been dubbed the “Holy Grail of higher-ed website[s],” said Karine Joly, a web marketing official and editor of, a blog covering marketing and public relations in higher education.…Read More