Opinion: College professors supposedly too liberal, anti-Reagan

According to The Daily Caller, college professors don’t think as highly of our 40th president, Ronald Reagan, as they should, says Calvin Wolf for Yahoo! News. Out of 284 professors, only 16 percent identified themselves as politically conservative and only 40 percent included Reagan among their list of the top 10 presidents. By contrast, a 2011 Gallup poll found Americans are most likely to say that Reagan was the greatest president, with almost 20 percent of respondents naming him number one. I like Ronald Reagan but find this witch-hunt against “uber-liberal” college profs to be insulting, and misguided. First of all, how were these 284 college professors selected? If one wants to skew data to demonize professors as liberals, they could poll 284 professors at liberal arts, fine arts and performing arts colleges in liberal areas such as New York and San Francisco to guarantee a higher percentage of nonconservative academics. Were any of the colleges and universities in conservative areas such as west Texas?

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