9 college presidents on increasing innovation on campus

eCampus News asked higher-ed leaders: What are your best tips for encouraging your faculty and staff to be more innovative? Here’s what they told us.

“Over the years, our role as educators has been significantly transformed by technology. Today’s learners have moved beyond talking and writing on a whiteboard. We are engaging a student body that has grown accustomed to getting information rapidly and we have to incorporate this into every aspect of our engagement with them. One of the things we do to encourage our team to be more innovative is to offer year-round training on the use of new tools and technologies, best practices in student support, and programs and disciplines to create synergy inside and outside the classroom. We also provide funding to encourage the development of new methodologies. For instance, the $100,000 we received as part of the 2017 Aspen prize was used as a grant to fund 24 innovative faculty projects.”
—J. David Armstrong, Jr., president, Broward College

“Make it safe for faculty to fail when trying something new and provide at least small monetary support for the effort. At Henderson Community College, that support comes from the College Foundation.”
—Kris Williams, PhD, president/CEO, Henderson Community College, Kentucky…Read More