Schools snap up porn domains to keep them clean

Colleges pay about $200 for internet domain names.

The world is getting closer to the launching of a new internet address system for pornography providers, and there are some eye-opening names being registered. Among them: and

Don’t, however, expect to find naked co-eds at either of these sites.

In what amounts to a defensive maneuver, schools across the nation are snapping up the .xxx domain names that match their federally registered trademarks. It’s simply a matter of trying to keep them out of the wrong hands.…Read More

Head of net’s address system to leave

Rod Beckstrom, chief executive of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which oversees the internet address system, plans to leave the organization next July, the New York Times reports. Mr. Beckstrom plans to complete his three-year contract with Icann, a term that has been marked by moves to expand and internationalize the internet address system. But these efforts have also brought the organization, and Mr. Beckstrom, into conflict with governments, brand owners and others…

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