Blackboard mobile app designed for potential iPad competitor

HP's eReader will be available on campuses this summer.

Blackboard Inc.’s Mobile Central application, released this month on more than 100 college campuses, will be usable on Hewlett Packard’s TouchPad, an eReader device that could gain traction in higher education almost a year after the Apple iPad first proved popular with faculty and students.

Students and educators who use HP smart phones – powered by the webOS mobile operating system — will also be able to use Blackboard’s Mobile Central application, which offers access to campus news, course catalogs, maps, event calendars, and a campus directory that students can use to eMail or call fellow students or professors from the application itself.

Students can use the Mobile Central application to access their campus library and locate books and articles. The app also will give students directions to the library and give contact information for the campus librarian.…Read More