Protecting United States from hackers means redoubling education efforts

If there was ever a time for the U.S. to get back on track with math and science, it’s with the latest ABC News report on China: ” For more than a year, hackers with ties to the Chinese military have been eaves dropping on U.S. Chamber of Commerce officials involves in Asian affairs, authorities say,” Yahoo! News reports. This is alarming and completely unacceptable. The Chinese hackers should have been found immediately not left unchecked for more than a year, but how can we find hackers when we’re below the world mean in math and science? We can’t protect ourselves if we don’t have citizens with the skills to protect us, and protection starts with education and training. Right now, the United States is average when compared to other developed nations, as reported by the Huffington Post. The problem with being average is that the U.S. only scores “around 500 in math and science.” Those scores are based on a 1000 point scale. The U.S. should be closer to 550 if we want to be competitive in the global market…

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