Gen Z is defining a new era in workplace learning

Gen Z adults are primarily motivated to learn if the benefits are financially worth it, according to a LinkedIn survey of more than 2,000 members of Gen Z.

With 61 million members, the survey asserts that Gen Z “is the first cohort of workers that grew up with the internet, and are used to dynamic and social communication from an early age.” The oldest members of Gen Z are 22 and are just entering the workforce.

Gen Z learners consider learning important if it can help them improve their skills and make more money. Sixty-two percent want to learn to improve their job performance, 59 percent want to learn in order to make more money, and 46 percent are motivated to learn in order to get a promotion.…Read More

Expert advice on how to reach Generation Z

Higher ed leaders: You have the opportunity to be at the forefront. Most companies are focused on millennials, but they should pay attention to Generation Z (Gen Z).

Gen Z, the oldest of whom are 23, are accustomed to scrolling, clicking, and monitoring social media for their news and to help them make decisions. When competing to earn the attention of these prospective students, you’ll need to execute strategies that set you apart from the crowd across social channels. Lynn Morton, strategy director at digital marketing agency R2i, specializes in working with higher education marketing teams. eCampus News talked with Morton about how to best target Gen Z.

Fact: Gen Z is a true digital generation.
“Gen Z has grown up in a post-9/11 world with unlimited digital access,” says Morton. “Recent data shows that they have an 8-second attention span, which is 3 seconds less than previous generations.”…Read More