Ohio State wins allies in records dispute with ESPN

OSU officials say ESPN is pursuing educational records.

A host of national university groups and even the federal government turned in legal briefs yesterday that generally support Ohio State University (OSU) and oppose ESPN in the network’s fight for records stemming from possible wrongdoing inside the athletic department.

The U.S. Justice Department did not take a position on whether the records are protected by a federal student-privacy law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

But it took issue with ESPN’s argument to the Ohio Supreme Court that FERPA does not bar the release of covered records and instead merely sets conditions on schools that receive federal funds.…Read More

College sports reform: Cut class

The NCAA sounds serious this time, says ESPN. President Mark Emmert is convening university presidents and chancellors in Indianapolis to discuss reforming college athletics. In the effluent-filled wake of the most scandalous year in the history of college sports, the gesture is both noble and timely. But productive? That all depends on whether they’re willing to face reality and propose the kind of reform that might actually hurt…

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